Food Poverty Hammersmith and Fulham

Your local authority hasn’t told us what it is doing to address food poverty!

Every year we ask all local authorities in London to tell us what they are doing to avert or ease food poverty for their residents. Our survey seeks information on policies and areas that are within the control of local authorities such as:

  • Ensuring Meals on Wheels provision
  • Becoming a London Living Wage employer
  • Combating holiday hunger by ensuring children have access to food 365 days a year
  • Increasing the uptake of Healthy Start vouchers

Last year, only 22 councils provided this information and your local council was one of the 11 that did not.

Urge your council to tell us what they are doing by sending the email below to your local Council Leader or Mayor, Cabinet Member for Children/Young People and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care.

To send the message below add your name and email address. Please feel free to change the wording or replace it with a message of your own to express your concerns.

  Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care
  Cabinet Member for Children and Education

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