Tell your MP to make farm policy fit for our future

We have a chance of a fairer, better food policy - we need your help.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change the way we support farming for the better with a new Agriculture Act.

For too long farm policy has failed to properly support farmers well to protect the environment and wildlife, enhance animal welfare and earn a decent living as part of a strong rural economy. And there has been too little control of unfair supply chains.

Your MP needs to hear that you want the new Agriculture Bill – going through parliament now - to support more action on nature and climate change, less chemicals, more healthy food, decent work conditions and a fair deal for farmers and farm workers.

We are calling for improvements, described in the draft letter (enter your postcode below to see it). We would encourage you to amend this as personalising letters to MPs does help them take note.

Please take the MP action now for better food and farming. And share it with others.

Enter your postcode below to find your MP and write to them using our letter. Please include your concerns.