Trade Travesty

Tell your MP you want a say in future trade deals

Discussions on post Brexit trade deals have already started and we are concerned that British people and our MPs won’t have a say.

Trade is important, but we don't want trade deals to trigger a nasty 'race to the bottom' on food standards, supporting imports of chlorine dipped chicken, hormone-treated beef or the over use of farm antibiotics.

We want UK trade deals to encourage a healthy 'race to the top', upholding high safety and ethical standards for food, farming and fishing. We want trade deals to be fair to farmers and farm workers, at home and abroad, and support healthy, decent working conditions, environmental protection and good animal welfare. Learn more

Your MP needs to know you want a say in our future trade deals and that high standards for food, farming and fishing are important to you.

Enter your postcode below to find your MP and write to them using our letter. Please include your concerns.