Tell the Government you’ve #AdEnough of junk food ads

Please personalise your own email to the Government below.

The Government is consulting on whether to introduce a 9pm watershed for advertising of food and drink products that are high in fat, salt and/or sugar (HFSS), and in its consultation sets out a number of options.

Read Children’s Food Campaign easy briefing guide on this consultation.

We have provided a template below but for your email to count as an individual response in the official consultation, you must personalise it and tell the government which options you support!

  1. Write your own subject line – making it clear you are responding to the consultation on food advertising.
  2. Start your email by stating who you are, and your interest in this subject, whether personal or professional,  why you are responding, and any concern you have about child obesity and the effects of advertising on children in general.
  3. Use the template and the Children’s Food Campaign Briefing to provide your own views on:
    • Whether further restrictions on advertising HFSS foods should apply only to TV and online, or should include radio, cinema, outdoor, print, mobile apps, adver-games and any other type of advertising.
    • For TV advertising, you must say which of the three Options you support. We recommend supporting Option 1 to introduce a 9pm watershed on advertising HFSS food and drink. Explain why you personally support this option, and include any facts or evidence from your own experience or from our briefing paper.
    • For online advertising, you must also say which of the four Options you support. We recommend supporting Option 1 to introduce a 9pm watershed for all online and digital advertising, and so that advertising spend does not then migrate to other types of advertising, to include radio, cinema, outdoor digital advertising and explore equivalent restrictions for print and other media.
    • For all advertising restrictions, we recommend applying the current Nutrient Profile Model, which is evidence based and already used in existing restrictions on advertising in dedicated children’s media.
  4. Review your email before pressing the ‘Send Email’ button. When you click, your response will be sent directly to
  Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

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